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Cowork da Praia


Share the office, share the lifestyle

Cowork da Praia | Lombos

We opened a new space at Alto dos Lombos, only 300 meters away from Centro Comercial Palmeiras, 400 meters from Carcavelos Market and between the train stations of Carcavelos and Oeiras.

More than 350 square meters prepared so you can work with all the comfort and conditions, meeting room, training room, events room, meal room e and even a playground! ​


We've created the ideal open space for who needs an individual desk to work. Each desk has a storing module. ​


Access to WiFi, printer, scanner and copier. Also to common areas such as meals room, meeting rooms and lounge area.


In this open space you have everything you need for the success of your project. ​ In a wide space, filled with light and plants, so you can feel at home.



We have smaller rooms, for meetings of your projects or with your clients.


We also have bigger rooms, wich can be adapted to several types of events: training, classes, workshops, company meetings, team building, and much more.


Multipurpose spaces with projection equipment and coffee-breaks if needed.


​Contact us and tell us what you need.


We're a team of several profesional backgrounds, Here you can find:

  • financial consultancy, ideal for who's starting their own business and needs support on the first steps for company launch, business plan, financial plan; 

  • website creation / social media; 

  • design;

  • organization, support and promotion on events in our rooms;

  • equipment and know how for your videos or podcasts.


COWORK DA PRAIA LOMBOS: Rua Nova, nº1 (antigo nº19), Loja 1B Alto dos Lombos 2775-674 Carcavelos

How to arrive

By car, coming from Lisbon or Cascais, the main accesses are by the highway A5 (Lisboa – Cascais) and by the national road EN6, known as Estrada Marginal.


Public transportation:

- CP train suburb line Lisboa – Cascais), leave in Carcavelos or Oeiras station and walk.

- buses at Carcavelos Train Station: Scotturb / Buscas Carcavelos / Buscas NOVA SBE


- buses at Oeiras Train Station: LT – Lisboa Transportes / Vimeca / Scotturb

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